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Need to shear extremely long lengths of 10 gauge mild steel? Then the Baileigh Industrial SH-12010 hydraulic shear should be your next choice.

The SH-12010 features a 3048mm wide cutting capacity and is the perfect metal shear for any fabrication shop looking to increase production over a smaller machine.

The SH-12010 uses a 400 volt, three phase motor to run the powerful industrial-grade hydraulics. The SH-12010 features fully welded steel plate construction, allowing smooth shearing through 3.6mm mild steel and 2.4mm stainless steel without blade chatter.

The SH-12010 like the other Baileigh Industrial compact hydraulic shears, has the upper carriage built to minimise any deformation, and the upper and lower blades have multiple shearing edges, both extend blade life and save your shop money.

The operator has the controls to jog the upper carriage, produce one cut with one foot pedal push, or remain in an automatic mode by holding the foot pedal down. The SH-12010 has hydraulic hold-downs that hold the sheet solidly to the table not allowing the material to lift when being sheared.

The SH-12010 hydraulic shear is built for years of reliable service.

For more information on the SH-12010 hydraulic shear call Baileigh Industrial today.

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Item Number SH-12010
Country of Manufacture Taiwan
Back Gauge Length 17175
Shear Length 3048 mm
Motor 5,6 Kw
Thickness (SS) 3,5 mm / 2,4 mm
Strokes Per Minute 20
Front Gauge Length 609 mm
Blade Angle
Power 220V 3-Phase
Shipping Weight 3000 kgs.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 3683 x 1143 x 1524 mm

* specifications subject to change without notice.

Sheet Metal Guillotine SH-12010

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