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Manual Roll Benders

Baileigh Industrial roll benders are easy to use, cost effective, and built for decades of reliable service. Browse below for more about Baileigh Industrial's extensive range of roll benders, or call +44(0)2476 619 267!
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  1. Manual Roll Bender R-M10


    In stock

    Manually operated ring and angle roll bender, 1” Schedule 40 pipe capacity, perfect for doing complete circles.
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  2. Manual Roll Bender R-M3

    £250.00 plus VAT

    In stock

    Manually Powered Ring and Angle Roll Bending Machine. 1/4" OD Maximum Capacity
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  3. Ring Roll Machine - R-M40


    In stock

    220 Volt Single Phase 50Htz Roll Bender
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  4. Manual Roll Bender (R-M5)

    £395.00 plus VAT

    In stock

    • Manual operation
    • 16mm Ø 1.5mm wall round tube capacity
    • Comes with stand
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  5. Roll Bender R-M55

    220 Volt Single Phase 60Htz Roll Bender 2” schedule 40 maximum capacity
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  6. Manual Roll Bender (R-M60)

    Call for Pricing

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    • Foot pedal operation
    • 60mm Ø 2mm wall round tube capacity
    • Single pinch
    • Double driven rolls
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  7. Radius Bender R-M7


    In stock

    Manually Powered Ring and Angle Roll Bending Machine. 42mm x 3.6mm Mild Steel Round Tube Maximum Capacity, Includes 38.1mm Round Tube Tooling, Not for Complete Circles
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