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Tube & Pipe Benders View All

Since first being introduced to the market in early 1996, the Baileigh Industrial's tube bender line has become the industry standard. No other manufacturer can boast the extensive lineup of tube and... Read more about Tube & Pipe Benders

Mandrel Benders View All

Baileigh Industrial offers a mandrel bender line with more than thirty different models to choose from. We offer NC (numerically controlled) mandrel bender and CNC (computer numerically controlled)... Read more about Mandrel Benders

Coldsaws View All

Baileigh Industrial cold saws consists of manual cold saws, semi automatic and automatic coldsaws for all small to high production requirements. Read more about Coldsaws

Pillar Drills View All

Baileigh Industrial offers two types of metal working pillar drills: First we have our industrial line that has a gear head transmission. Second we offer a variable speed line that uses an inverter... Read more about Pillar Drills

Guillotines View All

Baileigh Industrial Sheet Metal Shears consists of a sheet metal cutting machine for all thickness down to 10 gauge mild steel. Read more about Guillotines

Metal Forming & Shaping View All

Baileigh Industrial's metal forming machines are great for shaping and bending metal. We offer a quality line of machines perfect for the auto and aviation enthusiast as well as ornamental iron... Read more about Metal Forming & Shaping

Roll Benders View All

Baileigh Industrial roll Benders consists of manual or electronic driven single pinch ring roller machines (noting some have a hydraulic top roll with DRO) and hydraulic driven double pinch models... Read more about Roll Benders

Disc & Belt Grinders View All

Baileigh Industrial Grinding Machines offers a heavy duty belt grinders, disc grinders and beveling machine line for smoothing burrs and chamfering metal. We have both floor stand and bench type... Read more about Disc & Belt Grinders

Notchers View All

Baileigh Industrial's metal notchers consists of a sheet metal notcher and tube and pipe notcher line. These sheet metal notchers and tube and pipe notcher machines are typically in stock for... Read more about Notchers

Ornamental Benders View All

A Baileigh Industrial metal bender is the perfect complement to any fabrication shop that has limited production requirements for bending flat bar stock, angle iron, wrought iron and much more. Read more about Ornamental Benders

Lathes View All

When looking for a quality metal lathe, look no further than Baileigh Industrial. Baileigh Industrial metal lathe machines offer the machinist a very high quality machine with superb features and... Read more about Lathes

Milling Machines View All

Baileigh Industrial's line of vertical milling machines are the perfect fit for any machine shop or tool room. All of our vertical mills come with NST 30 or 40 spindles for an extra rigid transfer of... Read more about Milling Machines

Mill Drills View All

Baileigh Industrial's line of mill drill machines consists of two different models. These mill drills are perfect for the home shop or production floor and can take care of drilling, tapping, boring,... Read more about Mill Drills

Steelworkers View All

Baileigh Industrial has a fantastic hydraulic ironworker machine lineup that consists of five models from 50 tons up to 135 ton models. Each one of our powered machines has five fully integrated... Read more about Steelworkers

Presses View All

Baileigh offers a great H frame hydraulic shop press and arbor press line that is built to very high standards that will offer years of profitable service for decades to come for any machine shop or... Read more about Presses

Chamfering Machines View All

The CM-6 is a bench top beveling machine that can be used for weld preparation or simple deburring of metal such as mild steel or aluminum. Read more about Chamfering Machines

Press Brakes View All

Baileigh offers an extensive line of manual and hydraulic press brakes to fit most applications by a small, medium or large fabrication house. For those small one off applications we offer a quality... Read more about Press Brakes

Plate Rolls View All

Baileigh's hydraulic plate rolls are perfect machines for various rolling applications. Roll forming machines are usually in stock for fast shipment. Read more about Plate Rolls

Slip Rolls View All

Baileigh Industrial has a fantastic line of metal roll forming machines that consists of 19 models to choose from. One small segment of that line is Baileigh Industrial's slip rolls. Read more about Slip Rolls

Special Offers View All

Occasionally Baileigh Industrial run massive reductions, and here is where you'll find them! If this section is empty, check back regularly so you don't miss any amazing offers. Read more about Special Offers

Used and Ex-Demo Machinery View All

Bring the quality of Baileigh Industrial metalworking equipment to your shop at a reduced price. On this page you'll find special offers. Why the discounts? A scratch or dent makes the machine less... Read more about Used and Ex-Demo Machinery