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CNC (R1)

  • Bending axis is controlled by hydraulic valves
  • Feeding axis controlled by servo motor
  • Rotation axis servo motor controlled
  • Clamping mechanism is hydraulic
  • Pressure die system is hydraulic
  • Mandrel Extraction is hydraulic controlled
  • Support Mechanism is hydraulically controlled
  • Collet for material rotation is hydraulically controlled
  • Maximum bending Angle is 190 degrees
  • Bending degree is encoder controlled
  • Clamping system is bottom up clamping system
  • Hydraulic Oil is cooled with an automatic cooling system with 2 fans
  • Lubrication of working components are lubricated automatically and controlled by a timer
  • Mandrel lubrication programmable automatic system is available
  • CNC controller has a 380 mm touch screen
  • 3D simulation of bending process is displayed on CNC display monitor
  • Manual, semi-automatic or automatic operation with CNC controller
  • Mandrel-less bending is possible
  • Production quantities daily can be displayed within CNC controller
  • Error codes during bending process are displayed on touch screen
  • Tube length that is required for a bend can be calculated with CNC controller
  • Bend initiation can be controlled by foot pedal or push button
  • Security Warning Light for safety of operators
  • Safety Plate with pro-switch is installed on bending arm to protection operators from injury
  • Bend arm and bottom arm have special supports
  • Electrical panel has mains on/off safety lock, so cabinet can only be opened when switched off
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • CE Certified


  • Extra Available Options
  • Servo bending control system available as an option
  • Booster system for 1xD bends available
  • Punching systems integration is available as an option
  • Electrical panel cooling system is available as an option
  • Hydraulic Oil heating system is available as an option
  • Extra length machines are available in 1 metre additions up to 6 metres in length
  • Safety Mat system, either 750 x 1000 mm or 1000 x 1500 mm available for system safety integration
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Item Number MB-51-CNC1

* specifications subject to change without notice.

Mandrel Bender (MB-51-CNC1)

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