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  • MB-220-NCH
  • MB-320-NCH-B
  • MB-NCH models, can be equipped with motorised tool ajustment.
  • In order to reduce setup times, all MB-NCH machines feature quick tool changing.
  • Integrated loading/unloading systems can also be added.


The NC & CNC tube bending machines MB-NCH series are a heavy-duty version of the MB-CNC cold tube and profile bending machines. Like the MB-CNC range, they are robust and reliable in extreme conditions such as high humidity or harsh temperatures.

Covering ODs from 120mm up to 420mm, these monster machines are suited for use in a wide range of pipe manufacturing sectors and industries. Available in different versions, there’s NC1, NC2 and fully CNC, where all three axis are automatic in a single stack machine. Welding detection, punching/cutting mechanisms, and integrated loading and unloading systems can also be added.

This series also comes equipped with easy-to-operate NC touchscreen controls, or again in the CNC version, with the latest 3D software.

These user-friendly systems are suitable for almost all types of applications and heavy industries.

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Hydraulic Series

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