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  • MB-120-CNC-B
  • MB-60-CNC
  • Allows easy CAD comparison, dimensional analysis and reverse engineering.
  • On request, the MB-CNC series may be equipped with punching unit.
  • Machined tube groove matching the contour of the previous bend.
  • Designed to exact centerline radii specifications requiring continuous 180-degree plane change.
  • CNC models permit online safe access for online diagnosis.


Our MB-CNC series is the backbone of our tube and profile bending machinery. Their rigidity, stability and untouchable precision in exceptional conditions such as humidity or harsh temperatures is what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Ranging from 35mm up to 120mm OD these machines are suited for use in a wide range of pipe manufacturing
sectors and industries. Available in different versions, there’s NC1, NC2 and fully CNC, where all three axis are automatic in a single stack machine. There’s also the option to add welding detection, punching/cutting mechanisms, and integrated loading and unloading systems if necessary.

The MB-CNC series comes equipped with easy-to-operate NC touchscreen controls, or in the CNC version, with the latest user-friendly 3D bending software. This stores tooling configuration, allows spring-back compensation, and boasts anti-collision technology, amongst other features.

These multi-faceted models are easy to operate and suitable for almost all types of applications and industries.

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Item Number MB-CNC
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CNC Series

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