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An ironworker is a staple for any metal working shop, the must have do all tool.  And when those shops are looking to increase productivity, they look to a dual operator style machine for the answer.  With 95 tons of punching power and 123 tons of shearing and notching pressure, the SW-95 is the perfect option.  Being a dual operator machine, the SW-95 will allow two operators on each end of the machine to work simultaneously without loss of power at either station.

The SW-95 is a true five station ironworker, these stations include punching, notching, flat bar shearing, angle shearing, and bar shearing.  Although these stations are not unique to the SW-95, what is unique is the way in which they function.  The SW-95 uses all vertical movement to perform all functions.  This is achieved through the use of vertical hydraulic cylinders.  The big advantage to the vertical movement is less material waste due to less clearance being needed and punch tooling will last longer as the stress is spread out over the entire circumference of the punch instead of just one edge.

The SW-95 dual operator ironworker is constructed from heavy structural plate for rigidity.  The punch station has an extra deep 16” throat depth and the shear station has hydraulic hold downs for safe operation.   Other great features of the SW-95 are an electric back gauge, swing away stripper, oversized work tables, foot pedal operation, and waste buckets.  Many different tooling sets are available as well.

For more information about optional accessories or for more information on the Baileigh industrial line of ironworkers, please call a representative.

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Item Number SW-95
Country of Manufacture Taiwan
Round Bar Shear 45 mm
Rectangle Notcher W x D x T 50 mm x 90 mm x 12 mm
Single Vee Press Brake L x T 250 mm x 15 mm*
Punch Capacity 27 mm x 22 mm
Punching Pressure 85 Tons
Pipe Notching 114 mm*
Multi Vee Press Brake L x T 500 mm x 5 mm*
Notching Working Height 1050 mm
Throat Depth 406 mm
Vee Notcher Side x Side x T 105 mm x 105 mm x 12 mm*
Square Bar Shear 45 mm x 45 mm
Angle Shearing Working Height 1040 mm
Angle Shearing at 90° 130 mm x 130 mm x 12 mm
Angle Bending 102 mm x 8 mm*
Angle Flange Trim 100 mm
Blade Length 410 mm
Large V Notcher Side x Side x T 145 mm x 145 mm x 10 mm*
Max. Stroke Length 100 mm
Diameter x Thickness 50 mm x 12 mm
Cycles / Min. 38 @ 15 mm
Flat Bar Shearing 406 mm x 20 mm
Flat Shearing Working Height 726 mm
Power 10 Hp – 220V 3-Phase
Shipping Weight 2650kgs
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 1795 mm x 1020 mm x 1865 mm

* specifications subject to change without notice.

Hydraulic Steelworker (SW-95)

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