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  • Heavy-duty universal extraction with high suction capacity and innovative Vortex Cone technology
  • The vortex cone effectively deposits the chips in the waste sack
  • Only air and the finest particles get into the filter range, no drop in efficiency due to prematurely clogged filter slats
  • Reduced chip volume so the sack does not need to be emptied so often
  • Efficient induction motor suitable for continuous operation
  • Finely balanced steel fanwheel for vibration-free, quiet operation
  • Sacks are easy to fit with a ring clamp, no tension belt required
  • Heavy-duty metal casing
  • Supplied with a 30-micron filter sack, Y pillars 2×100mm, wheeled unit and 5 waste sacks

Technical Data

  • Motor (V/kW) 230/1.5
  • Air flow rate (m3/h) 1'150/1'620
  • Vaccum pressure (pA) 1'700
  • Dust inlet diameter (ø-mm) 150
  • Hose diameter (ø-mm) 2×100
  • Filter efficiency with particle size 99% at 30 Micron
  • Collector bag capacity volume (lt) 200
  • Collector bag size (mm) 785×940
  • Noise level (LpA, dB) 80
  • Dimensions (mm) 940×510×2'000
  • Weight (kg) 48
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Item Number DC_1100A-M
Motor KW 230/1.5
Noise (LpA, dB) 80
Dimensions L x W x H 940×510×2'000

* specifications subject to change without notice.

JET Dust Collector 230V (DC-1100A-M)

SKU: Dust Collector 230V (DC 1100A-M)

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