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  • BR-18E-36 Bead Rollers from Baileigh Industrial Limited.  1 Set of Rolls come with the machine.
  • BR-18E-36 Bead Roller from Baileigh Industrial. 19 mm Shafts side view.
  • BR-18E-36 Bead Roller from Baileigh Industrial. 19 mm Shafts from front view.
  • BR-18E Bead Roller OPTIONAL Rolls for Round Beading.
  • BR-18E Bead Roller OPTIONAL Rolls for Flat Beading.


Baileigh Industrial's line of bead rollers now has something for everyone.  The BR-18M-24 bead roller is a manually operated bead roller based off of their popular BR-18E-24. This bead roller is made from of a heavy steel framework that is electro welded for further rigidity.  It has a 610mm throat depth for almost any application, but is compact enough to make even the most demanding beading patterns. The BR-18M-24 manual bead roller has a capacity of 1.2mm mild steel and 16 gauge aluminum. The bead depth is adjustable via the top roll. Baileigh offers many sets of tooling for the BR-18M-24 bead roller and the shaft diameter is 19mm and will fit most commercially available roll sets. All moving parts on the BR-18M-24 bead roller have bronze bushings for long life. Like most Baileigh bead rollers, the BR-18M-24 comes standard with a depth stop for perfectly straight beads, and a heavily constructed floor stand that includes a die rack. This bead roll is built to last.

THERE is 1 SET of SPOILER ROLLS that come with this machine.  Any other rolls are OPTIONAL and EXTRA to the cost of the machine.

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Item Number BR-18M-24
Throat Depth 610 mm
Capacity (Mild Steel) 18 ga.
Adjustable Depth Stop Included
Shipping Weight 50 kgs.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 914 x 457 x 203 mm

* specifications subject to change without notice.

Bead Roller (BR-18M-24)

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