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Tube & Pipe Benders

Since first being introduced to the market in early 1996, the Baileigh Industrial's tube bender line has become the industry standard. No other manufacturer can boast the extensive lineup of tube and pipe benders that Baileigh Industrial has to offer.

Baileigh Industrial’s manual benders consists of several industrial grade machines that can bend up to 2" round or 1" square. Even though these are manual Benders, they will still provide years of great service and reliability.

If you’re looking for a little more automation from your new tube bender, look no further than the hydraulically controlled tubing bender line from Baileigh Industrial. With capacity up to a whopping 3" schedule 40 pipe, they have more than enough power for any job you can throw at them and keep asking for more.

Want a little more control over your bends? Want to be able to program a job and allow anyone to run it with out having any worries as to whether the parts will turn out? Baileigh Industrial has that covered too, and has a great line of tubing Benders that are computer controlled as well. Our entire line of computer controlled tube Benders offer great value and options the competitors can’t for the price. They offer capacities up to 2-1/2" Schedule 40 pipe with a center line radius’s up to 24" and will offer up years of reliable production.

Are you looking for tighter bend radiuses than what rotary draw bending can produce? Then you are looking for Baileigh Industrial’s extensive line of mandrel Benders. With dozens of different models available in infinite configurations, Baileigh Industrial can get you the mandrel bender that you are looking for.

The  exhaust bender is a powerful machine that comes with standard radius tooling from 1-1/2" up to 3" OD. This bending machine can be considered a compression exhaust pipe bender as it uses one large hydraulic ram to push the inside radius die into the compression assisted outside counter dies.

Baileigh offers a line of metal bender accessories that complement our line of tube and pipe benders. These items are not necessary to run your machine, but they will save the fabricator thousands of dollars throughout the life of the machine in setup cost, loss of material, and speed of production.

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  1. Exhaust Bender EB-300

    Exhaust Bender EB-300

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    220V, 50Hz, 1-Phase Hydraulic Compression Exhaust Bender/Swager More
  2. Rotary Positioning Table IDX-10

    Rotary Positioning Table IDX-10

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    Available in 10 ft., 15ft., and 20 ft. lengths. Mechanical stops for multiple bend parts. Rotary chuck for accurate bends in varying planes. 2-1/2" thru-hole allows material longer than the table to be used. Linear guide scale. More
  3. Manual Tubing Bender - RDB-100

    Manual Tubing Bender - RDB-100

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    Manual Rotary Draw Tube & Pipe Bender. 1-3/4" (45mm) Tube Capacity. Maximum 10" (176mm) CLR More
  4. Pipe Bender - RDB-125

    Pipe Bender - RDB-125

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    220V, 50Hz, 1-Phase Hydraulic Rotary Draw Tube and Pipe Bender. 2" Schedule 40 Pipe (60 x 4 mm) Cap. 7"  (176 mm) CLR Maximum More
  5. Tube Bender -  RDB-175

    Tube Bender - RDB-175

    Call for Pricing
    220V, 50Hz, 1-Phase Hydraulic, Rotary Draw Tube and Pipe Bender. With Auto Stop & Ratcheting Counter Die Holder and High Speed Movement. 2" Schedule 40 Pipe (60 x 4 mm) Capacity. 9" (229 mm) CLR Maximum More
  6. Tube and Pipe Bender RDB-250

    Tube and Pipe Bender RDB-250

    Call for Pricing
    220V, 50Hz, 1-Phase Rotary Draw Bender w/ 170 Job Programmer. 2" Schedule 40 Pipe Capacity. (60 x 4 mm) 9" (229 mm) CLR Maximum More
  7. Programmable Pipe Bender RDB-325

    Programmable Pipe Bender RDB-325

    Call for Pricing
    400V, 50Hz, 3-Phase Rotary Draw Bender w/ 170 Job Programmer. 2" Schedule 80 Pipe (60 x 6 mm) Capacity. 15" (381 mm) CLR Maximum More
  8. Programmable Tube Bender RDB-350-TS

    Programmable Tube Bender RDB-350-TS

    Call for Pricing
    400V, 50Hz, 3-Phase, Rotary Draw Bender w/ 170 Job Touch Screen Programmer, 2-1/2" Schedule 40 Pipe Capacity. 73 x 3.5mm 610 mm Minimum CLR More
  9. Hydraulic Pipe Bender RDB-500

    Hydraulic Pipe Bender RDB-500

    Call for Pricing
    400V, 50Hz, 3-Phase Rotary Draw Hydraulic Tube & Pipe Bender. 3" Pipe Capacity. 514 mm CLR Maximum More
  10. CNC Mandrel Pipe Bender MB-100-CNC

    CNC Mandrel Pipe Bender MB-100-CNC

    Call for Pricing
    The Baileigh Industrial CNC mandrel pipe bender is fully automatic and comes standard with three axis and can be equipped with up to eight axis More
  11. CNC Mandrel Bender MB-35-CNC

    CNC Mandrel Bender MB-35-CNC

    Call for Pricing
    This is a great production mandrel bender for hydraulic lines, furniture, HVAC and much more. More
  12. Mandrel Tube Bender – MB-350

    Mandrel Tube Bender – MB-350

    Call for Pricing
    220V Three Phase Mandrel Tube and Pipe Bender. 3" Round Capacity, Touch Screen Operator Interface Includes Capability to Program up to 140 programs with up to 10 bends per program and Numeric Control Operation. Maximum Feeding Length 10' More
  13. Mandrel Tube Bender MB-80-CNC

    Mandrel Tube Bender MB-80-CNC

    Call for Pricing
    The MB-80 CNC mandrel tube bender is a fully automatic machine that has a 3" OD X 1/8" (76 x 3.2 mm) wall capacity in mild steel and a 3" OD X .059" (76 x 1.6 mm) wall capacity in stainless steel. More
  14. Manual Tube Bender RDB-25

    Manual Tube Bender RDB-25

    The RDB-25 is a table top mounted, manual tube bending machine which can bend 9.5mm, 12.7mm, 14.3mm, 15.9mm, 19.1mm and 22.2mm OD Tube along with 19.1mm and 25.4mm Box Section all with 1.2mm wall in Mild Steel. The machine and all 8 die sets come in a convenient carrying case which allows for easy storage and transport. More
  15. Hand Bender - RDB-10

    Hand Bender - RDB-10

    Manually Operated Hydraulic Hand Bender, Includes 5 Die Sets More
  16. Manual Tube Bender RDB-050

    Manual Tube Bender RDB-050

    Manually Operated Tube and Pipe Bender, 2-1/2" (64mm) Tube, 2" (50mm) Tube Chromalloy Capacity, Includes Stand, Handle, 3 Speed Design and Degree Dial More
  17. Pipe Bender RDB-150-AS

    Pipe Bender RDB-150-AS

    Call for Pricing
    220V, 50Hz, 1-Phase, Hydraulic, Rotary Draw Pipe Bender. 2" Schedule 40 Pipe (60 x 4 mm) Capacity, 8" (203 mm) CLR Maximum, With Auto Stop Programmer More

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