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Tube & Pipe

Baileigh Industrial's tube and pipe notchers consists of a dozen models to choose from. Baileigh tubing notchers consist of manual, hole saw, die cut, abrasive and end mill style machines. Baileigh Industrial is a market leader regarding metal notcher machines in North America and Western Europe.

Baileigh's TN-50M, TN-125M and TN-200M manual pipe notcher machines are perfect for low production notches in Schedule 40 pipe. These small compact machines can be wall or base mounted and use up very little space. These tube and pipe notchers have been designed for years of use and do have replaceable die inserts. Our manual pipe notchers are perfect for low production runs of straight 90 degree notches seen typically on some styles of go karts, play ground equipment, and in maintenance departments for repair or construction of hand railing applications.

The TN-200H hole saw tubing notcher is a low cost alternative for low production runs of notches with varying angles. It can be drill press mounted vertically or used horizontally with a portable drill on a welding or workshop table. This notcher can notch up to 45 degrees. To support this pipe notcher, Baileigh has a fantastic line of hole saws in all sizes.

Our TN-200E is an electrically powered die cut style machine for straight notches of 90 degrees. It comes standard with all pipe sizes up to 2" Schedule 40. This is a high production metal notcher machine that can be bench or base mounted. This notcher is perfect for fence and gate applications, as well as play ground equipment.

The TN-300 pipe notcher is an industrial grade hole saw style machine that can notch up to an incredible 75 degrees under the right circumstances with the right hole saw. This makes it a perfect metal notcher machine for rock crawler chassis as well as other racing and off road chassis applications. This notching machine uses a powerful electric motor that is coupled to an industrial grade gear box. The hole saw spindle is mounted on a heavy V-box design carriage that drives the holes saw with little effort into the material that is actuated by turning a large hand wheel. This is a very rigid tubing notcher machine and it can be used on material up to 3" OD. The self centering vise has a quick release for positioning and an offset adjustment.

Our abrasive tubing notchers consists of the TN-400 and TN-600 notcher. These metal notchers are very powerful notching machines that come in two versions. The TN-400 can handle a 4" wide belt and can handle up to 2" OD tubing. The TN-600 can handle a 4 or 6" wide belt and can handle up to 3" OD tube. These machines have self centering vises with offset adjustments with quick adjustments to the position on the belt and angle of notch. A smooth transfer system makes this an effortless machine to use and is perfect for thin or thick wall applications. This notching machine is perfect for structural, chassis, gates and fences and much more. Both models require 220 volts single phase power.

The TN-800 uses a patented eccentric motion to cut through various sizes of tube or pipe up to 3" OD by simply dialing in the size required. This machine pays for itself in tooling savings as other end mill style machines require a different size end mill for each different OD, which becomes very expensive. This tubing notcher has a heavy ductile iron frame to reduce vibration coupled to a heavy duty industrial grade transmission. This machine has a quick change adjustable vise with offset adjustments, a clutched operation wheel for safety and comes on a heavy duty portable stand for easy storage. The eccentric adjustment is quick and easy to use and will save the tens of thousands of dollars in tooling over the life of the machine. The TN-800 pipe notcher requires 110 volts so it is perfect for job sites. This machine is for the production minded hand railing or chassis builder.

Finally, we offer high quality replacement parts for all of our tube and pipe notchers including abrasive belts, end mills and hole saws. Please contact your Baileigh Industrial representative for further information on tubing or pipe notchers. These quality notching machines are typically in stock for quick shipments.

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  1. Abrasive Notcher TN-400

    220 Volt Single Phase 3HP Abrasive Belt Notcher, 4" Belt Width, Will Notch 3/4" to 2" OD From 0 to 60 Degrees. Includes 1-1/4" Pipe Bearing Mandrel and Two Belts
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  2. Abrasive Tube Notcher TN-600

    220 Volt Single Phase 5HP Abrasive Belt Notcher, 6" Belt Width, Will Notch 3/4" to 3" OD From 0 to 60 Degrees. Includes 1-1/4" Pipe Bearing Mandrel and Two Belts
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  3. Baileigh Pipe Notcher TN-200E

    220 Volt Electric Non-Mitering Pipe and Tube Notcher. Will Notch 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", and 2" Schedule 40 Pipe
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  4. Hole Saw Notcher TN-210H

    Drill Press or Vice Mounted Hole Saw Tube Notcher has a capacity of 3/4" to 2" OD tubing at angles up to 45 degrees. Electric Drill Not Included
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  5. Hole Saw Tube Notcher TN-76H

    Vice mounted hole saw for tube and pipe 3/4" to 3" (19mm to 76mm). Miter notches 50 degree’s, 2 axis adjustable clamp. For use with ½ inch power drill.
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  6. Manual Pipe Notcher TN-125M

    Manually Operated Non-Mitering Pipe Notcher for 3/4", 1", and 1-1/4" Pipe
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  7. Manual Pipe Notcher TN-200M

    Manually Operated Non-Mitering Pipe Notcher for 1-1/2", and 2" Pipe
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  8. Manual Pipe Notcher TN-50M

    Manually Operated Non-Mitering Pipe Notcher for 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" Pipe.
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  9. Manual Tube Notcher TN-150M

    The TN-150M manual tube notcher has three set holes for three desired notches. The machine is manually operated with the blade notching a set 90 degree notch to one section of the tube.
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  10. Manual Tube Notcher TN-225M

    This machine is capable of notching 2 inch and 2 ¼ inch (50.8mm 57.15mm) outside diameter tube.
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  11. Pipe Notcher TN-300

    240 Volt Table Top Hole Saw Tube and Pipe Notcher, Will Notch 3/4" to 3" OD From 0 to 60 Degrees. Includes 1-3/4" Hole Saw
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  12. Tube Notcher TN-250

    Vice Mounted Hole Saw Tube and Pipe Notcher, 62mm OD Max Vice Opening, for use with Hand Held Drill
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  13. Tube Notcher TN-800

    240 Volt Eccentric Cut, End Mill Tube & Pipe Notcher. Will Notch 1" To 3" OD From 0 to 60 Degrees With One Size End Mill, Can Do 1/2" OD With Optional End mill and Adapter. Patented Design
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